Can This Surgery-Free Treatment Get Rid of Loose Skin Without Cutting It?

The new ellacor system from Cystrellis recently received FDA clearance, and it may be the next best thing to a facelift. ellacor harnesses the power of tiny needles to safely remove micro-cores of tissue (known as micro-coring) to improve the look of wrinkles in the mid and lower face.


While some are touting ellacor as a potential substitute for going under the knife, it’s important to know that the minimally-invasive procedure, which doesn’t use a scalpel, laser, or heat, is different from conventional surgery. Results, including smoother, tighter, less wrinkled skin on the chin, cheeks, and mouth area, and fewer jowls, are seen in just a few days. However, the amount of skin removed (about eight percent) is less than a facelift, so the results won’t be an exact mirror image for what surgery accomplishes since ellacor only addresses skin and not the underlying muscle or fascia.


And ellacor is a viable option for those that don’t want any scarring or significant downtime—it necessitates a few days tops.



For younger patients with just the right amount of loose skin, this proactive approach may delay the need for more invasive surgical procedures down the road.

Written by Elise Minton Tabin

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