BuildMyBod Founder wins award at THE Aesthetic Show 2019

the aesthetic show
We’re proud to announce that our founder/CEO, Jonathan Kaplan, who also happens to be a board certified plastic surgeon, recently won an award at THE Aesthetic Show 2019!


Best Surgical Body Shaping Enhancement at THE Aesthetic Show 2019

As you can see in the video below, Dr. Kaplan performed a Mommy Makeover on a patient with amazing results. In fact, award winning results! She had a breast augmentation and lift as well as a tummy tuck.


Even though it’s a scary sounding operation, the patient when home the same day as surgery. She was a very compliant, active patient who recovered well.


There are many variations on the mommy makeover. No two patients are alike. Some need a breast lift alone, or implants alone, or implants and a lift. This all depends on how droopy the breast are and how much breast tissue the patient already has.


If they have a large amount of breast tissue, then they may only need a lift. The type of lift depends on how droopy the breast are. Minimal droop, an implant may be enough. More droop may need a donut lift, a lollipop lift or an anchor lift. Implants also help with improving breast projection even if the patient already has adequate breast tissue. This patient had a breast lift and augmentation. Check out the results below.


Video of award winning results!


To check prices on a mommy makeover or other procedures from an award winning doctor near you, click here.



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