BuildMyBod Founder Speaking at THE Aesthetic Show 2017

THE Aesthetic ShowDr. Jonathan Kaplan, founder/CEO of BuildMyBod Health and Pacific Heights Plastic Surgery will be speaking twice this weekend at THE Aesthetic Show in Las Vegas.


Two Practice Management Presentations at THE Aesthetic Show

On Friday, he’ll give a 20-minute presentation on “How Snapchat transformed my practice in unexpected ways.” This topic will be helpful to doctors considering the use of Snapchat in reaching and education their current and prospective patients. Practicing physicians are more and more reliant on patients finding them through social media. You can read more about the topic from his perspective here.


On Sunday, Dr. Kaplan will discuss the importance of lead generation and ecommerce on a doctor’s website. Obviously gathering names and email addresses is the idea when it comes to lead generation. But why only capture leads when you can also capture dollars! If you can provide the consumer with pricing information on cosmetic services, it’s not such a leap to allow them to purchase non-surgical services as well. All with the BuildMyBod Health platform, consumers can do both – generate leads and revenue.


Shark Tank Pitch for THE Big Deal

Also, don’t forget to come watch Dr. Kaplan pitch in a Shark Tank-style event at THE Aesthetic Show on Friday. Here’s a sneak preview:



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