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Whether you read or not, there are at least 349 other people that do…and they all shared a recent article about BuildMyBod! The article by John Rampton highlights 7 questions entrepreneurs should be prepared to answer when their Venture-Capitalist-in-white-shining-armor comes calling.


The article mentions BuildMyBod when discussing the competitive advantage you want to describe to a venture capitalist or anyone willing to listen to your elevator pitch. You can’t just say we’re better. You have to back it up with numbers. And luckily, BuildMyBod has the unique advantage of providing information that no one else can provide when it comes to price transparency in the online healthcare marketplace. But as I said, you can’t just “say it,” you have to back it up with numbers…and here are the numbers!


The Numbers allows consumers to check pricing direct from the individual website’s and Facebook pages of plastic surgeons, dermatologists and concierge primary care doctors. All you do is add procedures of interest to your “wishlist” and after entering your name, email address and phone number and then submitting your “wishlist,” a breakdown of pricing is automatically sent to you. The doctor whose pricing your checking also receives a copy of your wishlist and voila, the conversation has started! So far, 6,400 wishlists have been submitted to almost 100 doctors across the US and Australia. The value of the procedures submitted in those wishlists totals more than $40 million! Consumers have viewed BuildMyBod’s physician profiles more than 10,000 each month. Our consumer accounts have 263% annual growth and submitted wishlists have a 232% annual growth rate.


BuildMyBod’s database of direct-from-physician-to-consumer database has pricing for more than 2,000 medical procedures. Safe to say that if there’s an out-of-pocket procedure you need (either cosmetic or before you hit your deductible), BuildMyBod has a price for you. And it’s not just a national average. It’s a concrete price for a specific doctor near you.


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