Breast Augmentation with Shaped Implants

breast augmentation
Before and after photos of a patient that underwent breast augmentation with shaped breast implants.

Here is our latest GoPro surgical video for breast augmentation. Maybe you saw this post and video that discuss three potential risks of breast augmentation surgery, today’s post and video demonstrate the latest in “gummy bear” technology with the shaped breast implant. The shaped breast implant has a tear drop shape that provides a more natural look to the breast when compared to round implants.


A breast augmentation can be a very straightforward procedure in the right hands. The most common type of breast augmentation uses a round silicone implant that can give that buxom appearance that many women want. However, some women are looking for a more subtle appearance with less fullness at the top of the breasts. For that, they turn to the shaped breast implant.


The patient in this video was unhappy with the size of her breasts but she didn’t want an augmented appearance. She wanted to fill out her clothes but still have a very natural look. That means having more projection in the lower portion of the breast where the nipple rests and less fullness at the top, or upper pole of the breast.


There’s a couple unique things about a shaped breast implant. It has a textured surface so the implant is less likely to turn within the breast. As you can imagine, a tear drop implant can give you a “sideways” breast if it turns, whereas a round implant can spin and still have the same appearance. Also, it’s very important to make the breast implant pocket no bigger than the shaped implant because again, if the pocket is too big, the implant can spin.


Check out the video below and watch the placement of a shaped breast implant in this thin patient that wants a natural appearance.


Breast Augmentation with Shaped Breast Implants


Hope you enjoyed the video and if you want to check pricing on a breast augmentation from a doctor near you, click here. You can also watch our whole library of surgical videos here.



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