Breast Augmentation with Round Implants on Snapchat

breast augmentationIn this post, we were all about shaped breast implants. But let’s not forget about their older, more seasoned “sister” – the round breast implant. The round implant is still the most common implant used in breast augmentation and will be for the foreseeable future. Interestingly, most patients come in for their consult asking for a natural look and a full upper breast appearance. But these are contradictory requests!


A natural breast is less full up top with more fullness lower down in the breast mound that supports the nipple and areola. A woman that wants more breast projection in a natural shape is accomplished with shaped implants. But due to TV, movies and other pop culture, the ideal breast seems to be associated with a more buxom look. This shape is achieved with round implants that give the upper “pole” fullness to the breast which is fine. It’s just not a natural shape.


So what patients really mean when they ask for a natural look is actually a natural size. They don’t want the implant to be too large. It’s so important to get the doctor and patient on the same page, using the same language. Ensuring they understand one another will help in achieving realistic expectations.


Check out this abbreviated Snapchat story below where we perform breast augmentation with round implants. If you want to watch a longer length video of a breast augmentation procedure, check out our YouTube channel here.


Breast Augmentation on Snapchat


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