Breast Augmentation Revision

breast aug revision

breast augmentation revisionFor those of you considering breast augmentation, read this primer here. But for those who’ve already had that and are now considering a breast augmentation revision, continue reading!


What does a breast augmentation revision entail?

A breast augmentation revision can mean many things. First it depends on what the problem is. Did the implants bust or leak? Then a revision would mean an exchange of the old implants for the new implants. But then you have to decide, do you go up in size, switch from saline to silicone or silicone to saline? If you’re going down in size then you’ll need a lift to remove excess skin so the breasts don’t look deflated with the smaller implants.


In the video below, the patient was actually happy with the existing size of her implants (300cc). But she was unhappy about other things. As you’ll see in the video, she had a great deal of ptosis (droop) in the right breast. The other thing, which you can also see in the video, was rippling, a common undulation of the skin caused by saline implants.


Breast lift, capsulectomy, implant exchange

So when you review her concerns – droop of both breasts (right greater than left) and rippling – it’s clear what a revision means in her situation. She needs to remove excess breast skin to perform a breast lift to correct the droop. The rippling can be corrected by exchanging the saline implant with a silicone implant (but the same size implant).


She could also feel the implant on the undersurface of the left breast really easily. This was due to very little tissue between the skin and the implant. This was corrected during surgery by closing off the implant pocket with breast tissue so there’s more breast between the skin and the implant.


One additional issue that was apparent during the operation was the formation of thick scar tissue around the implant. This scar tissue is referred to as a capsule. When the scar is thick and can deform the breasts, that’s capsular contracture. The capsulectomy was included with her procedure as you’ll see below.


Video review of breast augmentation revision


To find a plastic surgeon near you and their pricing for a breast augmentation revision, click here.



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