Breast augmentation and belly button piercing removal combo procedure!

belly button piercing removal
belly button piercing removal
Before and after breast augmentation with a 320cc shaped silicone implant and belly button piercing removal.

Patients have limited time off for surgery. So it’s natural to address as many concerns as possible during combination procedures. One combination procedure that may not be as recognizable as a Mommy Makeover but just as common is the belly button piercing removal done at the same time as a breast augmentation. There are more women out there that regret their belly button piercing from the age of 18 than you might think!


Belly button piercing removal

Regret doesn’t have to be forever. Plenty of us do things we regret. Being recorded by a live microphone while on your tour bus. Shaving your head. The tattoo of your second true love. And of course, a belly button piercing. The last one is easy to fix. It’s interesting that the same demographic of maturing women that may want breast augmentation also have a piercing they want removed. This is an easy combination procedure to perform.


As seen in the video below, breast augmentation can be as easy as the piercing removal if it’s done right. You want a plastic surgeon that notices the position of your inframammary fold (IMF). In women where the distance between the nipple and the IMF is short, making an incision in the existing fold can result in a very visible scar on the breast once the implant is in position. You want a doctor that recognizes that the incision should be lower down so that once the breast is enlarged, the incision is now hidden in the new fold, not the old one. Check out the video below and hopefully it’ll make more sense.


Lower the fold in breast augmentation


To check pricing on a belly button piercing removal from a doctor near you, click here. Considering a breast augmentation with a round or shaped implant, then click here.



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