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The paleo diet, sex and bodybuilding with Vanessa Castro! [podcast]

paleo diet

Vanessa Castro is a successful certified personal trainer in Miami and has her masters degree in dietetics and nutrition. On the BuildMyBod Health podcast, she discusses the paleo diet, why it seems to have formed a cult following and fad diets in general.


She’s a wealth of knowledge and knows the healthy way to get into shape and stay in shape. Funny enough, she was quoted in this article in regards to the best way to get a workout and have a healthy sex life at the same time!


She wasn’t always this in-shape so she’s a testament to changing your ways. Enjoy the podcast below.



The paleo diet, sex and exercise with Vanessa Castro on the BuildMyBod Health Podcast


paleo diet

Listen to more of the BuildMyBod Health Podcast by clicking here.




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