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How strong are silicone breast implants? [video]

shaped vs round
silicone breast implants
Shaped and round silicone breast implants

Silicone breast implants received a lot of bad press over the last few decades. The first few generations had thin shells filled with liquid silicone. The current fifth generation implants are stronger than ever.


What’s changed with silicone breast implants?

With new technological advancements, liquid silicone has transformed into silicone gel. This is due to increased cohesivity. Now, if the outer shell develops a hole, the silicone no longer “spills” out. As a gel, it keeps its shape. Similar to gummy bear candy, if you cut the candy in half, it keeps its shape.


There’s no question silicone breast implants are stronger than ever. Every now and then, you’ll hear a story in the news about a silicone breast implant stopping shrapnel from a nearby explosion associated with a terrorist attack. Most of these stories come from other countries so it can be difficult to independently confirm.


But if you had any doubt about the strength of silicone implants, check out the video below.



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