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Skype Medical Consults

skype The future is here. I know it seems like it’s been here for a while, but it’s really here now! Doctors have been offering online consults for the last several years but the combination of better user experiences and higher speed internet service has made Skype medical consults a reality rather than just a good idea.


I recently had a Skype consult for a patient interested in improving the contours of her chin. With high resolution screens, I was able to have the patient turn to her side so that I could take a screenshot of her chin with fairly good resolution. This was her “before” photo. I was then able to Photoshop her “before” photo to simulate what an “after” view might look like. While the simulation is not a guarantee of results, it does give her an idea of what a chin implant can do.


So think about all of the technology necessary for that online Skype consult to be as useful and informative as an in-person consult: 1) Online videoconferencing via Skype, 2) high speed internet, 3) hi-res computer screens, 4) screen capture and 5) home editing software in the form of Adobe Photoshop. Each of these technological advances had to meet a certain level of sophistication for all of them to work well together. Even though Skype has been around for a while, the combination of all of these technologies makes an online consult totally adequate for a healthcare provider.


In the field of cosmetic surgery, evaluating someone’s face, neck, breasts or body can easily be performed online through Skype, including taking the before and after pictures as described above. Now, if only we could administer Botox and surgery remotely!


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