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Short Scar Neck Lift via GoPro Video

neck lift
The corset platysmaplasty is a technique to tighten the neck muscles, similar to a corset contouring the abdomen.

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll see that we’re now able to educate patients on various surgical procedures using the GoPro head-mounted camera. Today’s installment describes a short scar neck lift.


For some patients that have a great deal of excess neck skin, sometimes called a turkey gobbler neck, they require removal of excess skin. This requires incisions behind the ears to remove the skin and tighten the neck. But for a few lucky patients, they don’t have excess skin – only loose neck muscles that can be tightened through a short scar in the middle of the neck instead of behind both ears.


The loose neck muscle is called the platysma. By making a short horizontal incision across the middle of the neck, your plastic surgeon can tighten this muscle, remove excess fat and give the neck a streamlined contour.


In the video below, you will see how short the incision is and how liposuction can be used to remove neck fat and redrape the neck skin. The muscle is tightened with a technique called a Corset Platysmaplasty which tightens the neck muscle so that it resembles a corset that a woman would wear.


Neck Lift with GoPro


Hope you enjoyed the video and if you want to check pricing on a neck lift from a doctor near you, click here. And to watch more videos from our video library, click here.




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