Breast Lift via GoPro Video

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll see that we’re now able to educate patients on various surgical procedures using the GoPro head-mounted camera. Today’s installment is for a straightforward breast lift without implants.


You see, not everyone in need of breast rejuvenation needs implants. If you have enough breast volume and just want them lifted, removing excess skin as part of a breast lift is enough.


In this patient, we removed excess skin around the areola and from the lower portion of the breast. This gives the characteristic “anchor” or “upside-down T” incision. The incision around the areola fades very well. The vertical incision is the most obvious but fades to some extent as well. The incision underneath the breast, within the fold, is the most hidden so it doesn’t really matter what it looks like.


While some patients don’t like the idea of so many incisions, there really is no way of achieving the lift they want without these incisions. Breast implants can help with a lift but the more lift requires a bigger implant which can lead to issues of stretch marks and a quicker “falling” of the breast over time.


Breast Lift with GoPro


Hope you enjoyed the video and if you want to check pricing on a breast lift from a doctor near you, click here. You can also watch our whole library of surgical videos here.



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