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Radiesse and Belotero Lower Face Challenge!

radiesseDo you have wrinkles around the mouth like this patient above?! Now there’s something you can do about it. Fillers are great injectable products that can fill facial wrinkles. When evaluating deep and superficial wrinkles, it’s important to recognize that one filler doesn’t fit all. Radiesse is great for deeper wrinkles; Belotero for the more superficial etched-in skin lines.


If you’re unhappy with the wrinkles around the mouth and to the lower face, you should take the Radiesse and Belotero lower face challenge! Go see your doctor and he/she can provide a full rejuvenation to the lines that show your age. Keep in mind that Radiesse is great for volumizing the cheekbones and filling in the deeper wrinkles like the “parentheses lines” that extend from the nose down to the corners of the mouth. But Radiesse alone won’t treat all of your wrinkles.


For the etched-in lines, also called smoker’s lines that can occur in people who don’t smoke, Belotero is the perfect remedy. Belotero is a very consistent gel that evenly distributes along superficial lines around the lips and mouth. By injecting into one end of the line, Belotero extends along the wrinkle giving a result that is unobtainable with other fillers.


Ask your doctor about the lower face challenge. In some cases, Merz, the makers of Radiesse and Belotero will provide your doctor with the necessary syringes of filler as long as you agree to having your before and after photos used for educational purposes. Typically only the lower face is shown in the photo so you can keep your anonymity!


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