Plastic Wives on TLC – already cancelled?

Did you see it? If you didn’t see the premiere of TLC’s Plastic Wives back on January 27th, you may have missed your chance to see it again.


The show was scheduled to air on Sundays at 10p EST but it no longer appears on the TLC schedule. Maybe it was already cancelled? Regardless, if you missed it, you can check out a video clip here, courtesy of TLC.

The show followed 4 plastic surgeon’s wives or ex-wife in one case. TLC chose women that were a little over-the-top because that’s what sells advertising but let’s not be to quick to “be hatin'”. The women, I’m sure, are good people on the inside, just trying to address some inner anxieties and insecurities. I think we’re all guilty of that but address those inner issues with other vices aside from plastic surgery.


I guess it’s ok that the show was cancelled because I’m not sure how they were going to top the pilot. I mean, how many times can a woman bring out her excess labia preserved in a jar of formaldehyde like a science experiment! It was certainly shocking and grabbed your attention but can’t be outdone – maybe they should have waited til the 3rd episode before breaking out the labia!  (you can read more about labiaplasty here)



Let us know what you thought of the premiere.


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