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Ever notice when a celebrity is noted for their best feature – their nose, their butt or their breasts – that becomes the new hot item everyone wants?! While it is entertaining to read about, it can cause unrealistic expectations.


For example, Kate Middleton’s nose is favored in the UK but trying to reproduce her nose may not be possible for everyone. While her nose is attractive, it may be most attractive because it matches her other facial features so nicely but it may also be extra attractive because it’s on a Princess’ face! So her nose may not be as attractive on someone with wider eyes, a narrower mouth or who’s not a Princess.

Celebrity Features Blog post

Kim Kardashian’s tuchus (Yiddish for buttocks) is a commonly cited celebrity feature that many would like to copy. While buttock enlargement is possible with implants, this is a more risky avenue to take compared to, let’s say, fat injections. The newest fat injection technology allows you to take fat from your own body and inject it into your buttocks. The only thing is that you MUST have enough fat to harvest so that when it’s injected into your buttocks, it makes enough of a difference. You may need 500 to 1000cc’s (or mL’s) of fat PER BUTTOCK to make a difference. That’s a lot of fat. And even though the initial results may look great, sometimes 50% or more of the fat can be reabsorbed.


So the bottom line is (no pun intended), if you’re in the market to improve your features, make improvements that will accentuate your best features, not a celebrity’s.



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