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MedResults Network Webinar: Price Shoppers and Lead Generation

medresults network
Watch a recording of the MedResults Network webinar on BuildMyBod here.


For those of you that follow this blog, you know we believe in price transparency. It’s great because it give the consumer instant pricing information on healthcare services. And with the BuildMyBod Health Price Estimator, the doctor gets the patient’s contact info for follow up. This allows the doctor’s office to navigate the patient through the health system gauntlet.


Learn more about the BuildMyBod Health Price Estimator by watching the webinar above. You can hear the recording in full at your convenience. If you’re a patient considering any healthcare service, click here to determine your out of pocket cost. If you’re a physician that would like to integrate the BuildMyBod Health Price Estimator into your existing website and start getting leads, click here.



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