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Why medical tourism websites would benefit from a Price Estimator

medical tourism

medical tourismWhen you think of medical tourism, you think of traveling for more affordable healthcare. One connotation of cheaper healthcare is poor quality healthcare. Luckily, with increasing competition here and abroad, that connotation of poor quality is no longer true. For example, CanAmerica Health.


How A Price Estimator benefits medical tourism websites

If looking for a procedure or service either domestically or internationally, cost is an obvious motivator. Sure experience and board certification are important. But if you’re taking part in medical tourism, let’s face it, cost is the primary motivator.


So give the consumer what they want and both the consumer and healthcare provider can benefit. As seen on the CanAmerica Health website, consumers can now check pricing like in the screenshot above. Check it out by going to this website, click on California under the Recommended Listings tab and scroll down to Pacific Heights Plastic Surgery.


From there, the consumer can add procedures of interest to their “wishlist” and then submit their wishlist along with their contact info. At that point, the consumer gets pricing they want and the provider receives the consumer’s contact info for follow up.


This is a great way to “cut to the chase” (discussing price) and everyone wins.




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