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Dimpleplasty [video]

The patient above and below was unhappy with his lack of dimples so we created some for him! To understand how a dimpleplasty creates a dimple, it’s important to understand the underlying anatomy that creates dimples in the first place.


What are dimples?

The buccinator muscle lies beneath the skin of the cheeks. It takes part in smiling and chewing. If there is a natural separation, or defect, in the muscle, the overlying skin will create a dent into that defect. This is the cause of a dimple.


In a dimpleplasty, the goal is to create this defect in the muscle. Under local anesthesia, a piece of oral mucosa (the lining inside the mouth) and a piece of muscle are removed. All from within the mouth. There are no incisions in the skin. After creating the “hole” in the muscle, a stitch tethers the undersurface of the skin to the surrounding tissue to create a dimple.


Initially, the dimple is there all the time. Over the next 2-3 weeks, the dimple heals and is only present during smiling. Watch the procedure below.


Dimpleplasty Video


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