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Couples Plastic Surgery

The only thing better than having one satisfied customer is having two satisfied customers! Couples plastic surgery can be very fulfilling…as I experienced again earlier this week.  


couples plastic surgery

A very nice couple came in for two different procedures and because of what they wanted, we could offer those services at the same time! While one patient had a surgical body contouring procedure in our in-office operating room, their significant other had non-surgical fat reduction with CoolSculpting in our beautiful CoolSculpting room.  


Since we have two CoolSculpting machines, we can perform DualSculpting, which cuts your CoolSculpting time in half. So instead of potentially 8 hours of treatment if we only had one CoolSculpting machine, we were able to treat this particular patient in 4 hours. Which was just the right amount of time for their significant other to have surgery and recover in our recovery room!  


By the time our surgical patient had fully recovered and was ready to go home, our CoolSculpting patient was ready to drive ’em home!




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