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Bustin’ out with shaped breast implants! [video]

shaped breast implants

Here in the United States, the most common type of breast augmentation is performed with round implants…but shaped breast implants are catching up! Regardless of what implant you choose, the same risks apply as you can read in this post. So the question is, why are more women choosing shaped breast implants? They tend to give a more natural look with their teardrop shape as you can see in this photo.


shaped breast implant


A breast augmentation can be a very straightforward procedure in the right hands. The most common type of breast augmentation uses a round silicone implant that can give that buxom appearance that many women want. However, some women are looking for a more subtle appearance with less fullness at the top of the breasts. For that, they turn to the shaped breast implant.


shaped breast implant


There’s another benefit of shaped implants that may not be as known. When placed into the body, a normal reaction is for the body to develop scar tissue around the implant, within the breast. Sometimes this scar tissue can become very thick and distort the breast. Even painful. This is called capsular contracture. A few things reduce the risk of capsular contract. One is placement of the implant below the muscle. The other is the use of a textured implant.


shaped breast implant


All shaped implants have a textured surface. If you check out the photo below, you can see how a round implant can spin without changing the shape of the breast. However, if a shaped implant spins, it can give you a “sideways boob!” Texturing of the implant reduces the risk of the shaped implant spinning and also reduces the risk of capsular contracture. So you win twice sister!


shaped breast implants
Shaped breast implant on the left, round breast implant on the right


Check out the video below and watch the placement of a shaped breast implant in this patient that wants a natural appearance.


Breast Augmentation with Shaped Breast Implants


Hope you enjoyed the video and if you want to check pricing on a breast augmentation with shaped breast implants from a doctor near you, click here. You can also watch our whole library of surgical videos here.




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