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Breast implants: the smaller the better! [video]

the smaller the better

the smaller the better
I know it’s tough to resist but when it comes to breast implants, the smaller the better. Everyone thinks you have to go big or go home but it’s not really necessary. There are benefits to smaller implants and additional risks with bigger implants.


The smaller the better

With bigger implants, the patient may get stretch marks. Bigger implants also stretch out the breast pocket, meaning it can extend into the armpit area or go across the breast bone, forming a uni-boob!


Bigger implants also don’t look very natural. That may be what some patients are looking for but later in life, bigger implants can lead to a need for reduction.


Smaller implants look more natural, less likely to stretch skin and less likely to end up in the armpit. When you go in for your consult, consider this!

Video: Breast augmentation with smallish implants!


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