Breast augmentation with the IDEAL Implant [video]

ideal implantFor those of you out there considering a breast augmentation, you have another choice on the market. No longer can you only choose between silicone or saline. Now you have the option of a saline, structured implant – the IDEAL implant!


How is the IDEAL implant different?

As you’ll see in the video below, the IDEAL implant isn’t just another saline implant. It has “structure” to it. In this case, it means that in addition to a silicone shell, there are additional silicone shells inside that give the saline implant a feel closer to a silicone implant. Even though there are multiple silicone shells, there is no silicone liquid or gel inside.


While the 5th generation silicone implants are more like gels and less likely to leak like the original silicone implants, some patients have concerns. So if you’re worried about silicone gel implants, also called gummy bear implants, you have another option.


The concerns about silicone implants – risk of lupus or cancer – are not substantiated in many studies. And the recent concern about ALCL is associated with implants that have a textured surface. Most silicone implants do not have a texture on their surface and neither does the IDEAL implant. In the end, if you still have concerns about a silicone implant but still want the natural feel of a silicone implant, the IDEAL implant is for you!


Video on the IDEAL implant


To check the cost of breast augmentation using the IDEAL implant from a doctor near you, click here.



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