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Update on Doctor Who Botched Hair Transplant

You may remember a blog story I posted a few months ago regarding an example of white coat deception. A non-plastic surgeon that called himself a cosmetic surgeon did a hair transplant on a patient with horrific consequences. If you don’t remember, you can read the story here. Or view the video below that gives a synopsis of his case:


View more videos at:


Well, his investigation seems to have recently concluded with him losing his license to practice…but not before mutilating other patients. He had at least 15 complaints again him. You can read the conclusion to this sad story here or see the video below:



Don’t learn your lesson the hard way. Take our advice and look for a board certified plastic surgeon and do your research before going to a strip mall for your cosmetic procedures. If you’re not sure who is a board certified plastic surgeon, go to and find a real plastic surgeon near you, along with the cost of the procedures they offer before going in for your consultation. Also, click here for a list of questions to ask your surgeon to be sure they’re “real”.


If you need help understanding whether a doctor is a plastic surgeon vs. a cosmetic surgeon based on their website, read my blog post here that will help.



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