Allergan removes textured breast implants from market

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textured breast implants
Allergan, the maker of Botox, Juvederm and breast implants is removing their textured breast implants from the market. The news was first reported by the NY Times. Keep reading to get the details of why they’re being removed from the market and what it means for you.


Textured breast implants

First, this doesn’t apply to all implants. It doesn’t apply to saline or silicone implants with a  smooth surface. This doesn’t apply to textured implants by Mentor or Sientra. This is only in regards to textured breast implants specifically made by Allergan.


So what’s the problem?

Allergan textured breast implants are associated with anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL). It’s not your typical breast cancer. In fact, ALCL can occur anywhere in the body. But when it comes to textured implants, the scar tissue around the implant can turn into ALCL.


A patient would be suspicious if one breast all of a sudden grew larger because of an accumulation of fluid around the implant. If that happens, tell your doctor. They’ll remove some of that fluid and send it to the lab for diagnosis. The treatment is to remove the scar tissue that contains the lymphoma from around the breast.


With quick diagnosis, the patient can be cured with removal of this scar tissue.


Why texturing in the first place?

Textured implants help keep an implant in position within the breast. This is less important with a textured round implant because if it spins in the breast pocket, it’s still a round implant and is still in a good position. But a shaped or tear drop implant that spins can create a “sideways” boob. Texturing helps the implant from spinning. To completely avoid the issue, your best bet is to get a round smooth implant since you can’t get shaped or tear drop implants that are smooth.


What if I have textured implants?

If you’re not having symptoms, you don’t have to do anything. Even the FDA is not recommending patients remove their textured implants without symptoms. But again, if you do have symptoms, a cure is likely with removal of the implant and the surrounding scar tissue.


Video regarding textured breast implants and the risk of ALCL



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