2014 Annual Plastic Surgery Pricing Report Unveiled

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What’s the first thing you want to know about plastic surgery but the hardest to find? Pricing, cost, budget, how much this is going to set me back and can I afford it? Plastic surgery pricing can be very difficult to understand because there are so many factors involved such as the surgeon’s fee, OR fees, anesthesia fees, cost of implants (if any), postop garments, cosmetic insurance, etc. Those factors are hard to include as a menu on a website but BuildMyBod’s patented system allows your plastic surgeon to enter their fees for each procedure and take into account all of those variables. For example, OR/anesthesia fees depend on how long the operation is. The BuildMyBod system can alter the costs instantaneously to correspond to the procedure or procedures you’re interested in to give you an accurate estimate.


The other benefit of having all of this pricing information in one location is that we can crunch those numbers and give you the most accurate, and inclusive, overview of plastic surgery pricing EVER! Check out our infographic below and then read some of our insights as to what the data tells us. Enjoy!


plastic surgery pricing


The Trends section towards the top of the infographic is the most telling. Procedures that are most common to the younger, less wealthy Generation Y segment of the population – breast augmentation and nose reshaping – have gone down in cost. This suggests that plastic surgeons are catering these procedures to this less affluent demographic so as to better meet their needs. And what better way to meet their needs than make the procedures they want most, more affordable!


Generation X, those in their 40’s, are seeing a cost increase in the procedures they’re seeking out – body contouring procedures. Body contouring is a euphemism for tummy tuck, arm lift and thigh lift. These are the procedures obtained after a woman is done having kids or after men or women have undergone weight loss surgery and need to remove the excess skin. Since massive weight loss surgery is much more common now (some insurance companies even cover weight loss surgery), the demand for body contouring procedures (which isn’t typically covered by insurance) has increased, resulting in a higher cost for these procedures.


Lastly, the Baby Boomers, typically the most affluent and with the most available time for recovery, are undergoing facelifts and necklifts. With this increased demand, the price for these procedures has gone up.


These prices are gathered from plastic surgeons across the US and Australia and while they only reflect a portion of plastic surgeons, they represent the most complete and accurate data available for all-inclusive plastic surgery pricing estimates. As more plastic surgeons join BuildMyBod’s database of plastic surgery pricing, the data will become ever more representative of trends in the cosmetic industry. While these numbers are averages, you can find specific pricing on specific procedures from board certified plastic surgeons near you by clicking here.





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