This is your best chance to look like Christie Brinkley!

christie brinkleyIf Christie Brinkley uses XEOMIN®…


…so can you! Even supermodel Christie Brinkley uses XEOMIN® (similar to BOTOX® Cosmetic) to treat the wrinkles like the 11’s between the eyebrows, the crow’s feet and the wrinkles on the forehead.


We’re not promising you’ll look like Christie Brinkley after your XEOMIN® treatment, but you certainly won’t look like her without it!


Merz Aesthetics, the makers of XEOMIN® should be congratulated on choosing the best celebrity spokesperson in the aesthetics space…EVER! Everyone knows who Christie Brinkley is and I’m pretty sure everyone loves her except for Billy Joel. Let’s compare the other celebrity spokespersons in the aesthetics space.


Antonio Sabato Jr is the celebrity spokesperson for Miradry, an armpit sweat reduction procedure. I’m sure there are women out there that love him but he’s not a household name. Molly Sims was the celebrity spokesperson for CoolSculpting, the non-surgical fat reduction technique. I don’t know who she is without a Google search. Debra Messing is the latest celebrity spokesperson for CoolSculpting and I’ve heard of her. But I’m betting the reboot of Will and Grace wasn’t in the works yet when she signed that celebrity endorsement deal.


What’s so great about Christie Brinkley

This is why Christie Brinkley is so perfect. Aside from being very pretty, she sends a message that no matter how pretty you are, there’s nothing wrong with an injection to keep you feeling good about yourself. Also, I don’t feel sad to see her doing an endorsement. She was a supermodel and supermodels endorse things. If it’s not clothes, it’s products. And if you’re beautiful, there’s nothing wrong with endorsing a beauty product like XEOMIN®.


Compare that to Antonio Sabato Jr or Debra Messing. They’re actors. A product endorsement seems like a demotion. You feel bad for them (or at least I do). With an endorsement from Christie Brinkley, I don’t think of this as a demotion. I think of it as perfect for her, within her wheelhouse and keeps her relevant in pop culture.


XEOMIN®: The purer version of “Botox”

The other impressive aspect of this marketing campaign is the spin on XEOMIN® vs BOTOX® COSMETIC. BOTOX® is of course the leader in this category. But on a molecular level, we know that the BOTOX® brand of botulinum toxin has this extra, inactive protein that actually makes it more unstable. Case in point: before mixing BOTOX® for use (reconstituting it), BOTOX® must be kept in a refrigerator. Otherwise, the proteins will denature and the product will “go bad.”


XEOMIN® on the other hand, doesn’t have this extra inactive protein but still does have the similar basic active ingredient as found in BOTOX®. Without this extra inactive protein, XEOMIN® is totally stable and can sit on a shelf without being refrigerated. If you’ve ever lived along the Gulf Coast, you know how important this is. When a hurricane knocks out your power, you have to hook up your refrigerator to a generator to keep your unused BOTOX® cold, whereas XEOMIN® is just fine without refrigeration.


Anyway, in the video, Christie makes the point that XEOMIN® is a purer version of botulinum toxin and “if that means less stuff I don’t need, it’s ok with me.” The message: XEOMIN® is the more natural way to inject toxins into your face! To be clear, Merz isn’t making any misleading comments here. These statements by their new celebrity spokesperson are referring to the molecular differences between XEOMIN® and BOTOX® mentioned above.


The spin is just so damn clever! My compliments to Merz and their marketing team. Well done!


Check out Christie looking her best with XEOMIN®



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