Why cosmetic procedures aren’t just for the shallow at heart!

Cosmetic procedures help people feel comfortable in their own skin, and studies have shown that a person’s physical appearance affects their self-esteem. It impacts the value we place on ourselves, which feeds into the confidence we exude in our day-to-day lives.


Considering cosmetic procedures
Considering cosmetic procedures

My experience with cosmetic procedures

When I was about 13 years old, my grandfather suggested that I get a rhinoplasty (nose job). I have a “flat” nose and he thought a bridge would make my face appear more attractive. As a quick disclaimer, I know that he loves me and does not think I am ugly. It was just the norm in the world he lived in. In fact, he performed my grandmother’s rhinoplasty! Therefore, trust, access, and finances were not the issue. But I declined the surgery because my nose did not bother me, and it was not my priority.

A few years later, I decided to “fix” my teeth. There was nothing wrong with it’s functionality or health, but some areas were not aligned, and some were naturally small compared to my jaw size and other teeth.

You could argue that this process was much more involved than a rhinoplasty. Typically, a rhinoplasty is a 2-3 hour procedure with 4-6 weeks of healing time. My teeth took 9 months of braces with regular appointments and painful adjustments. The braces caused swelling of my gums, which required an even more painful gum resection procedure to improve the appearance of my smile. I then had to get scans to send to the lab who made my veneers that the dentist attached to my “little” teeth. Let’s not forget the cost! Orthodontic work and cosmetic dentistry are not cheap! But it was important to me and I had it done!


Fast forward almost 20 years…

I didn’t think twice about my teeth until about a month ago when one of my veneers broke off. After it happened, I was distraught and self-conscious. I didn’t like any of my pictures, I was hesitant to smile or open my mouth in public, and I was even reluctant to go on a fun trip with my little sister because I didn’t want our photos ruined by my tooth. And while my self-acclaimed “flaw” is something most people probably would not even notice, getting my tooth reconstructed again boosted my confidence and overall mood.

My tentative smiles are long gone, and I don’t cringe at my pictures. I feel ready to tackle any challenges that come my way and chores that I have been putting off. Once again, I am open to trying new things and being social. I feel motivated to exercise. I feel outgoing, cheerful, and optimistic.


Here’s my two cents!

So, if you’re reading this and considering cosmetic work, I say go for it! Whether it’s cosmetic dentistry, botox, fillers, plastic surgery, a trip to the salon – you’ll never feel more like your true, jovial self!

And if your loved one is considering cosmetic work and talks to you about it, support them! It’s not just superficial. They will feel happy and confident. I’ll even bet that all the things you already love about them will shine through for the rest of the world to see!

Before and After - Veneers


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