Welcome to the future of price transparency! BuildMyBod 2.0

price transparency

Introducing BuildMyBod 2.0. The revolutionary way to check pricing from healthcare providers near you. Price transparency in healthcare used to be the stuff of dreams. But thanks to changing policy and political winds, the day of true price transparency has arrived!


Price Transparency and BuildMyBod 2.0: Hospitals

Traditionally, healthcare was the only area of commerce where you would find out the cost after utilizing their goods and services. Not anymore. With the BuildMyBod Health Price Estimator, you can research costs ahead of time.


Since January 1st, CMS, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, began requiring hospitals to post their prices online in a spreadsheet format. Additionally, the government is requiring that hospitals showcase their pricing within a user-friendly pricing tool. Granted, the tools developed by the hospitals themselves are more user-friendly than no tool at all, but still not as easy as the newly revamped BuildMyBod Price Estimator. For example, see how easy it is to research prices posted by MedStar-Georgetown University Hospital right here!


The user can choose their insurance plan or check the cash pay rate. And as per CMS guidelines, the user can see their potential out-of-pocket cost compared to other insurers. The video below explains how BuildMyBod Health is making it easier for hospitals to comply with these new CMS rules:


See how BuildMyBod can help hospitals with the new CMS price transparency rules


And whether it’s a hospital, surgery center or physician practice, the facility can choose how they want to show their pricing. The cash rate, bundled rate or allowable rate based on the consumer’s insurance.


Price Transparency and BuildMyBod 2.0: Physicians and Practices

As consumers explore pricing prior to a hospital visit, they will come to expect price transparency in all aspects of their healthcare. Eventually, physicians and physician practices will have to provide pricing info on their own sites.


However, in contrast to hospitals that are not allowed to require the user create an account to determine their out-of-pocket costs, physician practices can require the consumer enter their contact info prior to getting a quote. Therefore, physicians have the extra benefit of generating leads through their price transparency efforts.


To make it easier for the consumer, they will be able to create an account with their email address, Facebook or Google (gmail) account! Single sign-on technology is making account creation and lead generation easier than ever.


As consumer attitudes change, BuildMyBod will help private practices and physicians connect with consumers checking their pricing too!


Introducing the BuildMyBod PriceChecker Chatbot

price transparency


For consumers more comfortable with texting and automated interactions, there’s an even easier method to check pricing. The PriceChecker Chatbot provides a “quick and dirty” method to check pricing.


Sure, it doesn’t provide the patient with video education or the ability to purchase online like the Price Estimator. But it does make the option of checking pricing easy, and front and center on the doctor’s homepage.


The PriceChecker Chatbot may become the practice’s newest employee of the month!


Demo of the Price Estimator and PriceChecker Chatbot


If you’re a consumer and want to check pricing near you, click here. If you’re a provider that wants to generate leads or a hospital that wants to comply with the latest CMS price transparency rules, click here.



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