Traditional liposuction for lipo etching

lipo etching
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Ever heard of lipo etching? It’s not a terribly common procedure but one that patients request. Lipo etching creates lines in the abdominal skin so that you look like you have the contours of a “six-pack!”


The interesting thing about lipo etching is that it’s the purposeful use of a “bad” technique to create the result you want. Here’s what I mean. During liposuction, you attempt to suction out fat in an even distribution. Additionally, you don’t want to suck out too much fat too close to the under-surface of the skin because this can create a dent/divot or contour deformity. With lipo etching, you’re purposely trying to create that contour deformity or divot!


Which brings me to the topic of this post. Laser liposuction is the use of a laser to help melt fat and then suck out that fat after melting. The problem with laser lipo is that the laser can actually create third-degree burns from within. Don’t believe me?! Check out this post showing burn complications associated with laser lipo.


So if you use laser lipo for lipo etching, the purposeful placement just under the skin can cause severe burns to the skin. Traditional liposuction without a laser is therefore the safer technique for lipo etching.


Thanks to Al Dutra for posting his question in the discussion section of this post and giving me the idea to expound on it in today’s post.


If you’re interested in pricing for lipo etching or just plain liposuction from a doctor near you, click here.





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