What we’re thankful for here at BuildMyBod Health

thankfulWe continue to grow at BuildMyBod Health. Adding more doctors to our network of physicians who believe in price transparency. And not only plastic surgeons, our initial adopters, but all healthcare providers that offer services typically paid out of pocket. That includes cosmetic services but a growing number of consumers are paying for medically necessary services out of pocket before a deductible is met. While that includes providers such as the Cleveland Clinic, that’s only going to grow!


Why more out-of-pocket responsibility?

Insurance companies continue to raise their premiums because they’re losing money on the individual exchanges. That means that even if you’re paying more for premiums, your deductible may still be upwards of $6250 individually or $12,500 for your family. But here’s the good news. With more consumers wanting to know the cost of non-emergency care, BuildMyBod Health can provide you with up-front costs before your treatment.


This means no more getting a huge bill 3 months after assuming you had already paid for everything. With BuildMyBod Health, you get a total bundled price ahead of time so everything is paid, no surprises. And that makes us thankful we can provide this service to the consumers out there.


We’re also thankful for a great team. Our technical co-founder Ben and Parker Mills implement the vision of our graphic designer Josh Dickerhoof. Dan Cruson, our senior software engineer improves upon and upgrades new functionality into the site, making it better for healthcare providers and consumers alike. We even have a part-time engineer, Evan Langlais, who does his best to stay in school and provide us with excellent insights. Last but not least, Kelsey Rypl, our Marketing Director stays in constant contact with our participating doctors. She answers their questions, helps them onboard and does it all with about a 30-minute response time!


We’re thankful to our customers for giving us this opportunity to help them navigate this world of healthcare. Regardless of your opinion regarding the election outcome, price transparency will grow in importance. Stick with us for this wild ride!



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