Ear lobe surgery – that’s a thing! [video]

ear gauge

While we have made no effort through advertising, our clinic is receiving more calls and referrals for ear lobe surgery. Yeah, that’s really a thing. Whether it’s a split ear lobe like the patient above, or a wide earlobe, like the patient below, people have concerns about their earlobes. If you’re one of these people, […]

Ear Gauge Repair Video

ear gauge

Whether you have a split earlobe or an ear gauge, an ear gauge repair can fix both! While the circumstances that led to a split earlobe or an ear gauge vary, the repair is similar.   Split Earlobe or Ear Gauge Repair We’re not judging, but if you got an ear gauge when you were […]

Thinking about getting an ear gauge?!

Thinking of getting an ear gauge like this guy to the left?! Well consider the consequences first. Why people choose to get ear gauges is not really the point of this post and this is a judgement-free zone! But if you have gotten one or considering it, here are some things to think about.   […]

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