Ear Gauge Repair Video

ear gauge

Whether you have a split earlobe or an ear gauge, an ear gauge repair can fix both! While the circumstances that led to a split earlobe or an ear gauge vary, the repair is similar.   Split Earlobe or Ear Gauge Repair We’re not judging, but if you got an ear gauge when you were […]

Plastic Surgery Gone Wild

I recently had someone call my plastic surgery office inquiring as to whether I could split his tongue to look more like a snake. While I don’t do this, it’s not the first time I’ve had this request. Do I know how to do it? Technically, yes, I could split a tongue…but that doesn’t mean […]

Split Earlobe Repair

Did your nephew pull your earring through your earlobe?! Do you wear dangling earrings so much so that it has stretched the piercing too large? Well, it doesn’t have to be a permanent problem. A split earlobe repair is the answer.   While most men wouldn’t understand the difficulty of finding a pierced earring that […]

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