Use health insurance like auto insurance

auto insurance

I know it sounds crazy, but why wouldn’t you use your health insurance for all health-related needs? I mean, you buy health insurance to cover healthcare costs, right? Yes and no. Compare health insurance to auto insurance. With auto insurance, you only use it for major issues. A bad car accident. A new transmission. In […]

How price transparency makes the doctor more sympathetic

If you’ve read this blog before, you know how we promote all of the benefits of price transparency. By allowing consumers to know the cost of healthcare before receiving non-emergent care, they can make better decisions. And since more consumers have high deductible health plans now, they’re shouldering more of the financial responsibility. But did […]

BuildMyBod and Firm Media

Dr. Robert Schwartz of Dallas and Jason Hall of Knoxville, TN recently signed on with BuildMyBod Health and integrated the Price Estimator into their site with the help of their digital marketing provider, Firm Media.   What makes Firm Media different? See how Firm Media seamlessly embedded the BuildMyBod Health Price Estimator into Dr. Schwartz’ website here and […]

Is Donald Trump bad for plastic surgery?!

This presidential election cycle has been so mesmerizing, similar to a car accident that you can’t ignore. It consumes our conversations with friends, family and coworkers. It’s a campaign that’s very negative, including many personal attacks and charges of candidates ill-equipped for the nation’s highest office.   How the election affects spending Whether it’s a question […]

For the healthy in healthcare, it comes down to price

This article in the NY Times starts off, “It is all about the price.” When it comes to healthcare, price is the ultimate pain point. I’m not saying it’s the only pain point but eventually, the consumer wants to know their out-of-pocket cost. Whether they’re paying out of pocket because it’s a cosmetic procedure or […]

BuildMyBod Cyber Monday in the Cosmetic Surgery Times

Founder and CEO of BuildMyBod, Jonathan Kaplan MD, was featured in the recent issue of the Cosmetic Surgery Times. The article highlighted the use of BuildMyBod’s BuyNow online purchasing feature to allow consumers to purchase non-surgical services directly from Dr. Kaplan’s website during Cyber Monday.   While online purchases are always available throughout the year […]

The BuildMyBod Cost Estimator

Gone are the days of getting a healthcare service and not knowing your out-of-pocket costs before the bill shows up. Using the BuildMyBod cost estimator, you can find a doctor, their services and out-of-pocket costs before getting that service.   Considering that you can get estimated costs for pretty much anything online, healthcare should be […]

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