Guys know what guys want

what guys want

It’s a battle of the sexes!   Many female plastic surgeons wisely market themselves as being able to relate better to female patients. This is cleverer than other marketing strategies. For example, saying you’re board certified doesn’t adequately distinguish a plastic surgeon since most are also board certified. But when a woman promotes herself as […]

Social media wake up call for plastic surgery societies

There’s a paradigm shift in how patients are finding their doctors. And nowhere is this more evident than in the cosmetic surgery space. In the past, consumers found their doctor through word of mouth. Then it was the yellow pages. That gave way to the internet, specifically a doctor’s website, and in the last decade, […]

Well, I didn’t learn that in med school!

med school

I’m blown away each passing year with what I didn’t learn in med school. I’m not suggesting med school is to blame for not preparing me for a plastic surgery private practice. You can’t expect a body of coursework from 10 to 15 years ago to prepare you for this rapidly changing world. I’m simply […]

Five Leads that are Probably Going Nowhere!

While I wouldn’t technically call it eavesdropping, I can easily overhear my office staff answering incoming calls at the front desk. And interestingly, I can tell within seconds if the “lead” on the phone is going nowhere. In addition to the initial phone call interaction, it quickly becomes evident that leads are going nowhere in […]

Wanna be a doctor? Get a marketing degree while you’re at it!

Back in the day, all it took to be a successful doctor was a medical degree and a modicum of competence. But that’s not enough anymore. That’s just a minimum requirement!   Medicine, for better or worse, is becoming more sensitive to the market forces that most businesses have endured for years. With more doctors […]

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