A visit to Cleveland Clinic

When was the last time you were at an amazing healthcare institution that just left you in awe? It’s probably not a question you ask yourself very often. In fact, you naturally hope to avoid a visit to the hospital but I had the pleasure of being at Cleveland Clinic this weekend for good reasons. […]

The Future of Healthcare

Why do you buy tickets online before going to a movie? What’s the point, you’ve got to go to the movie anyway. The reason is several-fold. It’s the convenience of not waiting in line, not fumbling with the transaction of choosing the movie you want, providing a credit card and getting the tickets. It’s easier […]

An Indictment of the Health Care System

Wanna read a great article that pretty much sums up the health care system and the lack of price transparency therein?! Wait no more. Eric Michael David’s editorial in the WSJ hits the nail on the head, with a little humor to boot!   To highlight the complexity and insanity of our US health care […]

Who Really Pays for Health Care?

Implementation of the Affordable Care Act has more or less come and gone. But it’s interesting, regardless of what side of the “for” or “against” fence you’re on, there are misconceptions about what changed in the health care landscape and what stayed the same. Here’s a great article from NPR that highlights some of those […]

Health Care Costs and Your Credit

In the NY Times Sunday Review article, “When Health Costs Harm Your Credit,” I too know the harm unpaid health care bills can have on your credit. I learned this through a very bizarre turn of events. I’m a plastic surgeon. Back in 2010, I performed a body lift which is a cosmetic procedure to […]

Bringing the Price of Health Care Into the Open

In her article, “How to Bring the Price of Health Care Into the Open,” Ms. Beck touches on a snowball effect that’s occurring right now in healthcare. As state legislatures, insurers and startups push initiatives to shine a light on the cost of healthcare, the movement is gaining traction. Whereas claiming that negotiated rates between […]

Looking for Another Reason Medical Tourism May Not be for You?!

The Centers for Disease and Control and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons released a special bulletin earlier this week. The Bulletin, which can be read in its entirety here says that between April and September 2013, 15 patients from the Northeast US had cosmetic surgery in the Dominican Republic and returned home with a […]

High Deductible Health Plans Make for Better Consumers of Healthcare

In the recent article by Robert Pear in the NY Times, consumers are learning that their deductibles will be higher in the Affordable Care Act (italics added by this author). This act would be more appropriately named the Accessible Care Act because for most, it will make health insurance more accessible but not more affordable. […]

The Affordable Care Act: They Gave It the Wrong Name!

As the owner of a new plastic surgery practice in San Francisco, I’m taking on some new employees and I want them to have health insurance.  I could have purchased a group health plan but the high rates and poor coverage seemed oxymoronic. What I mean is that typically you would assume a plan with […]

One Vision for the Future of Healthcare

Everyone has their own opinion of the future of healthcare. Whether it’s politically or financially motivated, some believe we’re headed for a bureaucratic morass, while others believe healthcare in America can be fixed with the Affordable Care Act. I have my own opinion and solution to one of the biggest challenges of healthcare – cost. […]

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