Start Up Nation: Breast Augmentation

The Israeli’s have done it again! In addition to engineering breast implants that are 30% lighter, another Israeli company has found a way to reduce breast ptosis (breast droop) after a patient undergoes breast augmentation (a boob job).


Orbix Medical has developed the Internal Bra. As many women who had a breast augmentation may have noticed, with time, the implants start to descend causing the appearance of droopy breasts. This is due to the unrelenting forces of gravity. Orbix has developed a way to anchor the breast implant to the ribs of the patient so that the implant stays in position and ostensibly, the breasts “will follow” and also stay in position.


Sounds like a great idea and I hope their clinical trials will prove them right. However, they are working against gravity. My concern and the potential fatal flaw is that while the implants will stay in place, the natural breast tissue and skin envelope on top of the implant will continue to droop due to gravity, as seen in this photo below.


breast augmentation
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While I’m not familiar with the design of their product, even if the breast tissue is anchored along with the implant to the ribs, the breast tissue will continue to descend due to a phenomenon known as cheesewiring. I would think a prospective study of at least 5 years will be necessary to show that the breast tissue resists drooping along with the implant. Regardless, I wish them success in this venture and hope they prove the naysayers wrong, including me!


The title of this blog was based on the excellent book Start Up Nation by Dan Senor and Saul Singer. A review of the book can be seen here as well as purchased.



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