Selfie Makeover with Instagram Filters

As you can see here on Good Morning America, here and here, selfie makeovers using Instagram filters is a new trend. And unlike many trends within cosmetic surgery, this one is actually a healthy trend!


What patients are doing is taking a selfie on Instagram and then using one of Instagram’s filters, whether it be Sierra or Inkwell, etc and seeing how the filter lightens or camouflages lines and wrinkles in their face. Once they find the filter that meets their expectations, they go to their plastic surgeon for a little more permanent help!


In the photos below, you can see an actual patient with deep creases in her cheeks called radial cheek lines. After taking the original photo, the patient tested various Instagram filters as can be seen in the subsequent photos. But the most telling is the final photo after treatment with Belotero filler to correct her facial lines. The actual treatment is better than what the Instagram filters could accomplish!


This is a good thing for patients. Rather than coming in and asking to look like someone else, they simply want to look like themselves, just more rested and less worn. Typically what they want shows they have reasonable expectations and can be accomplished via non-surgical means with Botox and fillers. Check out the photos below:


Before, No Filter



Selfie – Before with Inkwell Filter



Selfie – Before with Sierra Filter



Selfie – Before with Rise Filter



After actual treatment



To check pricing on the Selfie Makeover with fillers and Botox (or any other procedure), click here.



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