Restore your breasts after breast feeding

breast feeding
Nicely “re-inflated” breasts after breast feeding led to deflation.

Kids and pregnancy can do a number on your breasts! While the breasts can enlarge during pregnancy and certainly remain large while breast feeding, they can deflate soon thereafter. And with deflation comes breast ptosis, or droop. Good news is there’s something you can do about it!


Breast feeding deflated my breasts, what can I do now?!

Breast augmentation sometimes gets a bad rap because people assume they’re only useful to make breasts overly large and unnatural-looking. However, breast augmentation can be done tastefully and using breast implants that fit the patient’s body. For example, after breast feeding and the subsequent breast deflation, breasts can have a pendulous appearance. With breast implants, volume can be restored to get you back to your pre-pregnancy state.


Breast implants don’t necessarily need to result in you looking like a dancer…although, no disrespect to dancers. But that’s not the look everyone is going for. And for those patients looking for the same volume they had before pregnancy and breast feeding, breast augmentation is the way to go.


As in the patient above, her breasts are ptotic and deflated after breast feeding. With her new 375cc implants, they look very appropriate on her. 375cc may sound large but this patient is about 5 feet, 7 inches tall so this size looks great. You might think that 375cc could be too large for someone 5 feet 1 inch tall. That may be true. Your doctor can help you determine what size is best suited for you.


To find a plastic surgeon near you and to check pricing on breast augmentation, click here.



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