Nose Job Cost

nose jobIf you’re in the market for a rhinoplasty, more commonly known as a nose job, there’s a few things you should now about the procedure, including nose job cost.


A “straightforward” nose job may involve shaving down a bump on top or refining the tip of your nose. On the other hand, a more complicated nose job may be necessary if you want improvement in breathing or correction of complications associated with a previous nose job.


Revisions may require taking cartilage from the ear or even rib cartilage. Sometimes you can avoid taking cartilage and use a sterile nasal implant instead. Below, you’ll find the nose job cost specifically for a first-time straightforward nose job.


Surgeon’s Fee: $5445

OR/Anesthesia Fees: $1900

Cosmetic Insurance: $300

Medications (during and after surgery): $130

Total: $7,775


The estimate above is based on 2 hours of operating room time in a San Francisco-based in-office operating room. If the procedure takes longer, it may cost more. To find a board certified plastic surgeon near you and to determine how much they charge for the procedure, click here.


Lastly, when it comes to a revision nose job, the patient needs to understand how difficult it is to “hit a home run” in even the most skilled of hands. So don’t be surprised if your plastic surgeon tries to lower your expectations in the hopes that they will under-promise and over deliver.



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