Dr. Kaplan discusses new hospital rules on price transparency with Bill Fukui of MedShark Digital

hospital rules on price transparency

When Bill Fukui was with Page1Solutions, he would send out an eblast about best practices for physician or healthcare websites. SEO this or SEO that, the best call-to-action buttons and other techniques to generate leads for doctors.


And every time I received one of his emails, I would reply and explain how I had the answer to the marketing issue he was posing. And my answer, in one form or another, was price transparency!


Bill Fukui understands the power of price transparency

I’m sure he was irked by my persistence but at the same time, he was listening. It was clear, while maybe not the only answer, price transparency was a great call to action. A great way to generate leads. A great way to passively build a huge email database so you wouldn’t have to rely on Google or Facebook ads – you could just email your “fan” base. And even SEO. With a Price Estimator, consumers would stay on your website site longer, thus triggering one of the factors that Google includes in their search algorithm.


No longer would the practice have to beg for the contact info from its website visitors. By placing our price estimator on a doctor’s site, the consumer can check pricing automatically through a doctor’s chatbot or website. From there, they can decide if they have the financing to proceed with surgery, or wait. By knowing cost ahead of time, patients can avoid the awkwardness of sticker shock experienced by so many.


Welcome to BuildMyBod Health. We’re leading the way in price transparency! If you’re considering a medical procedure, check pricing from a doctor near you by clicking here. If you’re a doctor and want to join us, click here. Either way, enjoy the webcast!



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