Mommy Makeover Plus

As you’ve read about before here, a Mommy Makeover can get your womanly shape back to it’s pre-pregnancy state. After your last child, you may be pining away for the body you used to have when your breasts and abdomen were tone and tight. Now there’s a Mommy Makeover Plus that can do the same for the labia in addition to your breasts and abdomen.


What’s included?

mommy makeoverWith a Mommy Makeover Plus, you can address all three areas of concern: the breasts, abdomen and labia. Let’s start with the breasts. A breast lift can return the breasts back to their original shape as seen in this photo here or insert breast implants for a little more projection. Whether you get implants or not will affect the cost of the procedure. A Mommy Makeover Plus can also remove excess abdominal skin and flatten the tummy for a nice new abdomen.


While you may not be aware of it, the labia that stretch after delivery of your baby can be corrected. Why you ask? If excess skin around the vagina doesn’t bother you then that’s fine but if you have trouble wearing a bikini because of fullness “down there” then a labiaplasty may be right for you. It’s also the right procedure for patients that have difficulty during sex because of excess skin. You can view before and after photos of a labiaplasty here.


Finding the right board certified plastic surgeon for a Mommy Makeover Plus to correct your breasts, abdomen and labia can be daunting. But check their credentials online and ask friends about the experience they had with their doctor. Obviously, one of the big issues is cost. You can click here to find the cost of the Mommy Makeover from a plastic surgeon in your area.



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