Medical Slang: Muffin Top

muffin top In a new series of blog posts, we’ll be highlighting common slang terms within the medical field and discussing their causes and treatments. First up: the muffin top!


The muffin top, as humorously depicted to the left is excess fat in the flank area that hangs over the tops of your jeans. Sure you can wear looser jeans but better to get rid of the extra fat! There’s two ways to do this: surgical and non-surgical. The traditional surgical way to get rid of the muffin top is with liposuction. While this does require some anesthesia and the wearing of a postoperative garment, this is by far the most aggressive way to get rid of the muffin top. Not interested in surgery? Well you’re in luck.


Since 2009, CoolSculpting has been freezing away fat non-surgically. By placing the CoolSculpting applicator on each love handle, the fat can be permanently reduced. As seen in these before and after photos, the muffin top can be reduced with no surgery and no downtime.


muffin top


CoolSculpting won’t give you as much of a result as liposuction but that’s ok. A 25% reduction in fat is reasonable to expect with CoolSculpting. So as long you’re willing to exchange a drastic result for the benefit of no surgery, you’re in good shape. To find a doctor in your area that provides liposuction or CoolSculpting to treat your muffin top, click here.



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