Lip Implants and Phenol Croton Oil Chemical Peel

lip implants
The different sizes of silicone lip implants.

That’s right, today we have video of a patient receiving silicone lip implants and a phenol-croton oil chemical peel to resurface her skin! As you can see in the Snapchat video below (also view directly on Snapchat @realdrbae), you can see how we perform this procedure up close and personal.


Who’s a candidate for lip implants?

So why get silicone lip implants vs filler and why a chemical peel instead of laser resurfacing? Fillers are perfectly fine for lip augmentation. The major benefit of implants is that you never have to get more than one treatment. With fillers, you have to repeat the treatment 1-2 times every year. Eventually fillers will cost more than lip implants due to the repeat injections. Also, if you’ve had fillers before and feel like your lips are uneven, that won’t happen with implants. They’re symmetrical silicone implants and will always be even.

lip augmentation
Lip augmentation with silicone lip implants.


Chemical Peel or Laser for Skin Resurfacing?

For patients with deep, etched in wrinkles, nothing will get rid of those wrinkles like a resurfacing procedure. But what’s better: a chemical peel or laser. First let’s talk about recovery. I see ads all the time about quicker recovery with this laser or that peel. The recovery time is related to how deep the treatment goes down into the dermis. If the treatment treats the deeper layers of the skin, you’ll get better results, i.e. erasure of the lines. But this translates into a longer recovery. So knowing that, the opposite is true. A quicker recovery means the treatment didn’t go as deep and therefore won’t erase your lines as adequately. In other words you can’t have both a great result for deep wrinkles and a short recovery.


In my opinion, a phenol-croton oil chemical peel will go deeper than a laser. For that reason, the wrinkles will be removed more aggressively with the right chemical peel than with a laser. Just to be clear, I’m not talking about the chemical peels an aesthetician performs. There’s nothing wrong with their peels for the purposes of exfoliation but if you want to get rid of deep wrinkles, those peels won’t do the job. And most aestheticians aren’t suggesting their peels will get rid of deep wrinkles. But sometimes the patient doesn’t have realistic expectations.

lip implants
These are the results from a phenol-croton oil peel This is the deepest peel with social downtime of 7-14 days but will be the most effective.


YouTube video of a Phenol Croton Oil Peel and Silicone Lip Implants

This video was taken on August 18th, 2016.


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