Lip augmentation without duck lips!

duck lips
duck lips

There’s no excuse for duck lips! Seriously though, fillers have been on the market for years now and when it comes to lip augmentation, there’s no reason it has to be overdone.


The purpose of most cosmetic procedures is to restore self-confidence and a youthful, rested appearance. The best cosmetic surgery is “invisible” wherein your friends and family don’t know you had anything done. They just think you look relaxed, healthy and at the top of your game.


But being at the top of your game doesn’t mean having over-inflated lips. There’s no correlation there! If you want your lips to be more voluptuous or accent the “cupid’s bow” appearance of the upper lip, how does that translate into looking like a duck?!


No duck lips here!

duck lips
Before and after lip augmentation with Belotero
duck lips
Before and after lip augmentation with Belotero


While it may be the fault of both the doctor and patient not knowing when to say when, it really is up to the doctor to take the high road here. If not for the patient, then the doctor should do the right thing for selfish reasons. If the doctor is giving a patient duck lips during lip augmentation, that also affects their referrals. In general, patients fear overdone lips and if they see their friend looking like Donald Duck, your referrals will quickly dry up!


To find a doctor that provides lip augmentation with fillers or fat, click here.



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