Top 5 LEAST Expensive Plastic Surgery Procedures

In search of another top 5 list?! Well here’s the top 5 least expensive plastic surgery procedures. This is the beginning of a series of blog posts over the next several weeks where we highlight the “top 5” plastic surgery something or other. While many people are receiving their tax refund checks this time of year, you may be trying to save your dollars. In that case, here are the least expensive plastic surgery procedures as determined by BuildMyBod’s database of pricing information from board certified plastic surgeons around the country.


Top 5 Least-Expensive Plastic Surgery Procedures


1. Botox – $267 – $284 (range represents average for various areas)
2. Correction of Split Earlobe(s) – $499 – $816 (range represents average of one to two split earlobes)
3. Upper Eyelid Lift – $3,052
4. Neck Liposuction – $3,176
5. Chin Enlargement – $3,585


top 5 least expensive


For additional pricing information from board certified plastic surgeons in your area, click here. Also, if you want to see BuildMyBod’s 2013 Pricing Report that includes regional and national averages of various cosmetic procedures, click here. Keep in mind, these numbers include all of the costs associated with surgery such as physician fee, OR facility fee, anesthesia costs, postop garments and implants. BuildMyBod is the only source that provides all of this total cost information from board certified plastic surgeons. Even if you’re not looking to have a big procedure at this time, be sure and find a real plastic surgeon even for the lesser expensive procedures.


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