Injecting fillers with a dental block and blunt cannula to minimize pain and bruising

injecting fillers

injecting fillers
I recently gave a training for a group of healthcare providers on behalf of Merz. As a paid consultant, I teach doctors and nurses how to use three Merz injectables: XEOMIN® (similar to Botox for reducing wrinkles), Radiesse® and Belotero® (fillers) to fill in superficial or deep lines due to a loss of collagen.


When it comes to fillers, there are a couple drawbacks (but they don’t outweigh the benefits!). Pain and bruising. For those not aware, injecting fillers can be more painful because of the thickness of the material. Compare that to XEOMIN®, which has the consistency of water, and therefore doesn’t hurt “going in.”


But fillers don’t have to hurt with the help of a dental block as I’ve written about here. Aside from pain, there’s also a way to minimize bruising when injecting fillers like Radiesse or Belotero (or Restylane or Juvederm for that matter).


How to minimize bruising when injecting fillers

The single most effective way to minimize bruising is avoiding what causes bruising. And that’s need sticks. The more needle sticks into the face, the greater the chance of hitting a blood vessel and therefore the greater chance of creating a bruise. Reduce needle sticks, reduce bruising. Makes perfect sense, right?


However, it may not be obvious how to go about providing a full correction to someone’s hollow eyes, under-projecting cheek bones or deep parentheses lines without creating a lot of punctures into the skin. The answer? Good planning and blunt cannulas.


As you can see in the diagram above, you can either treat all three of the aforementioned areas with many needle sticks (image on the left). Or you can use the blunt cannula and inject all of those areas with only two needle sticks (image to the right)! The choice is obvious. The video below shows how a dental block and blunt cannula can also be used for lip fillers, making the experience much better for the patient.


Video using the blunt cannula to plump up the lips


Seek out a practitioner that is competent in using a dental block and blunt cannula. Less bruising and less painful. Unless that doesn’t sound appealing to you!


To check pricing on filler injections from a doctor near you, click here.



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