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Patients often ask me how they can make their Botox last longer. In other words, how can they make their facial wrinkles stay away for more than three to six months. And not just the typical lines treated with Botox like in between the eyebrows. But also the forehead lines and crow’s feet. Well, here’s the answer, sort of. A study was performed with a competitor to BOTOX® Cosmetic, known as Xeomin®, but it provides the same insight.


Making Botox last longer (or Xeomin in this case)

The study looked at what would happen if a doctor gave a patient more Xeomin than usual in a particular area. For example, 20 units to the 11’s or lines in between the eyebrows typically lasts for three months. So what would happen if 37 patients were divided into three groups. One receiving 20 units, one receiving 60 units and one receiving 100 units to the 11’s. How long would the effect last in each of those three groups?


Based on the results, the patient’s 11’s returned after ~4 months if they only received 20 units. But the effect lasted ~7 months in some patients with 60 units and ≥11 months in some patients with 100 units!


By 9 months, 23% of those in the 100 unit group continued to have no wrinkles in between the eyebrows (11’s).


According to the study, safety of Xeomin at higher doses was favorable, with no unexpected safety findings. So next time you’re getting your Botox fix, ask your doctor about getting a higher dose of Xeomin for longer lasting results.


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