How many women have breast implants? [infographic]

It’s crazy to think there are over 5 million women in the US with breast implants! Pretty popular procedure to say the least. There’s even more shocking statistics on breast implants in the infographic below, but first, a bit more about the procedure.


Breast augmentation is a very safe procedure with fewer complications associated with breast implants than ever before. This has to do with the collective experience gained by plastic surgeons over the last few decades. The lower complication rate is also due to better implants. Breast implants are now made with a more gel-type of silicone so even if the implant shell gets a hole in it, the silicone doesn’t spill like in the past. Analogous to a gummy bear, the silicone gel is better able to keep its shape and not leak.


Depending on your preference and surgeon preference, breast augmentation can even be performed under local anesthesia coupled with sedation. Gone are the days where general anesthesia was a must. Also gone are the days where you have to avoid major activity for 6 weeks. Most doctors now encourage early movement to get rid of the soreness associated with placing the implant under the muscle, which camouflages the implant to look more natural.


And of course the question always on everyone’s mind when it comes to any cosmetic or health-related procedure: how much does it cost? Well now you can find out here!


Breast Implants Statistics Infographic

breast implants



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