Feeling miserable? Nothing an IV can’t cure!

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I recently had what I think was the flu. Night sweats, malaise, sneezing, coughing etc. But the night sweats was what really got me because I became so dehydrated in just a matter of hours while sleeping. With the nurses in my office seeing how dehydrated/ill I looked, they suggested IV fluids. Whoa! Did that make a difference!


IV fluids – the gold standard

IV, or intravenous fluids, is the quickest way to restore lost volume from night sweats, illness or extreme heat, but obviously it’s not always practical. For moments when it’s not practical, you should consider an oral rehydration fluid like DripDrop. To learn more about DripDrop, listen to their CEO on this podcast. But for those other times when you do have access to IV fluids, it really is the gold standard. What? You don’t have access to intravenous fluids?! In this on-demand economy, everyone now has access to IV fluids!


There are several IV on-demand services out there and now doctors within the BuildMyBod Health network can offer house calls from the nurses in participating doctor’s offices. While BuildMyBod Health is known for providing price transparency to consumers and also enabling doctors to sell non-surgical services online, it’s not such a leap of faith that a practice that offers this level of tech-savvy services would also be available for their nurses to provide on-demand, home intravenous therapy. And we’re not talking about weird unproven supplements. We’re talking about plain old intravenous fluids that can quickly restore your lost volume from illness or even a hangover.


In addition to checking the cost online, you can purchase your hangover IV therapy online through the BuildMyBod Health site. It’s simple, just find your IV therapy of choice from a doctor in your area, click “BuyNow” and a participating doctor will send their nurse out to your home or hotel.


If an apple a day will keep the doctor away, an IV for rehydration is even better!



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